E-Design Services

What in the heck is E-Design??  E-Design is an affordable interior design solution that is done all online and in your time-frame.  We collaborate through Pinterest and email to come up with the perfect design that meets your needs and style.  You then take the instructions and shopping list and work at your own pace to create your beautiful new room.  

This online service has everything you need to complete a full room design.  Email me your room dimensions and photos.  We will collaborate using Pinterest to discuss your desires for the space.  You will receive a floor plan, mood board, 3-D render, shopping list, and instructions to carry out the design.  

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If you are renovating your Kitchen or Bathroom and need help choosing the finishes this online service is right for you.  You will get an inspiration board with all finishes needed for your space.  

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If you feel stuck on how to arrange your furniture to best fit your needs and the look you desire the Furniture Layout E-Design is for you.  Email your room and furniture dimensions along with some photos of the space and I will provide you with the best two layout options.

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Local Design Services

What is the difference between E-Design and Local Design??  Local design is for clients living in Harford County, Maryland.  For Local Design I visit you in your home and take measurements and photos of your space.  Then proceed with the design.  In E-Design the client provides the measurements and photos for me to work with and the collaboration is all done online.

Do you have an idea of what you want but need a professional opinion to give you the green light on major purchases or investments?  Or do you have a bunch of design questions regarding your home?  This 2-hour consult for local clients is  packed with value. 

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The Full Room Design is for local clients looking for a complete room design.  I take measurements and photos of the space and provide a full design including furniture plan, mood board, renders, shopping list, and instructions to carry out the plan.  Shopping service and installation available if needed for an extra fee.

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Looking to do a Kitchen renovation but don’t know where to start?  Let me take the confusion and overwhelmed feeling away by providing you a beautiful design that functions well and addresses all of the details needed.  You can feel at peace with your investment as I walk you through the process.  Shopping service available.  

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“We cannot say enough good things about Bernadette Drew's work.”

"We needed her help picking furniture, room placement in an odd shaped room, and choosing color schemes. Her work was so tasteful and creative. She is professional and organized and we can't wait to use her for our next project!"
John & Kristi Burke